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Hello and thank you so much for your interest in my work! 

I've put together these F.A.Q.'s to let you know a little bit more about my artistic process. :) Please read through this and make sure that I have all the information to create the best possible tattoo for you that I can. 

Getting started: 


- If you have not already, please fill out the contact form (found by clicking the Contact link above) to tell me about what you have in mind.


- If you have any reference photos please email them over to

- Also please send me a photo of the area of the body you would like tattooed (extremely important for out of town clients). This way I can plan for size, shape, flow and see if there are any other tattoos or body markers in the area that I need to be aware of. It is best if you have someone else take the photos so that they are not mirrored and can be taken straight on, while you are in a neutral position, with even lighting. 

The type of tattoo that I take on: 


- At this point in my career, I can not always take on everything that I am asked to do just due to volume and style.. I am sorry if your project does not fit into my guidelines but I can usually make a suggestion for another artist that I think will be a good fit for your project. 

- If you are set on me doing a tattoo for you, but your project is outside of my scope, you can try a different idea you have in mind. The other option, if you are open-minded, I can make some suggestions of things I think would be super awesome. 

- At the moment, my focus is mostly on themed-women, animals, illustrated mythology, highly detailed patterns (lace, filigree...) and portraits. I do sometimes take on other things if I feel passionate about your idea. 

Generally, I love to work big. Developing relationships with my clients over the length of our project is one of my favorite things about tattooing, so sometimes working small feels a bit like a one night stand.. 

- Freedom is super important to me. I love having your input to point me in the right direction, but I also rely on you trusting me to make decisions as an artist. Sometimes if I am feeling very constrained by an idea, I may also have to pass on the project. 

Pricing and availability: 


- I typically like to work in either half day (3-4hr) or (6hr) time blocks if your pain tolerance, tattoo and budget allows. But will take smaller sessions if you absolutely are not up for longer. 

- My hourly rate is $200, but I give a discount for day sessions because I really like to see things progress and finish stuff in a timely manner. So, if you can sit for it, I highly recommend going 6 hours for $1000. 

- When working on big projects, I hope to see you at least once every month or 2. Waiting years between sessions can force me to have to go back into older sections to give the whole tattoo unity and that makes it a much longer/more painful/more expensive process. (Also, I hate it.) So please wait to start big projects until you are ready to commit to regular sessions and finishing. 

What to expect and how to prepare: 

- Most of the time I have a waitlist.. Depending on the time of year and the people on it, it can be a 3-6 month wait usually. Once we start your tattoo, you should be able to get a spot once a month. 

- If you have given me all the information you think I need in your emails, we may not need an in-person consultation. Many times I like them anyway to get a sense of you and make sure we are envisioning the same thing. If so, I will have my scheduler call you to set that up. Otherwise, she will call you just to set a date once it is your turn on the wait list. 

- Typically I only have artwork ready the day of your appointment, but you can call me a week ahead to set a quick artwork consultation if you would like to come in and check it out before your actual start date. I do not send artwork out of the shop before it is on your body.. I am sorry to say I've had some bad experiences with this. 

For the day of your tattoo:


- Please make sure that you are well rested, hydrated, and ate a good meal within an hour or so of coming in. 

- Bringing a couple little snacks or juice in with you is a good idea. 

- Feel free to wear your comfiest clothes and nothing you would be upset to get ink on. Some people even like to bring their own pillow or throw blanket. You are welcome to. 

- Also, feel free to bring a friend for moral support if you would like, but please don't bring an entourage and trust me, don't bring people that get on your nerves or break your concentration/zen.. Getting tattooed is uncomfortable enough, bad company can make it much worse. 

Other than that, prepare for a happy, relaxed day and I'll do my very best to exceed your expectations! Thank you again!

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